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What a Great Idea with Bob & Chad is a brand dedicated to providing you innovative products designed to solve everyday problems and make all our lives easier.


Bob and Chad have combined their more than 50 years in the TV shopping industry to be able to recognize trendsetting products that will enhance our lives. They know where to go. They know where to look. What a Great Idea is a one-stop destination program with incredible solutions!


Bob Circosta is TV’s original home shopping host and one of the individuals who helped create the entire TV shopping industry. Over the past 40 years, Bob has made over 75,000 separate product presentations, logged over 25,000 hours of live selling and has—individually—sold over $5 billion worth of merchandise.


Chad Allen is The Millennial Entrepreneur. Chad has managed to sell more than $500 million in merchandise with TV shopping channels around the world in the last few years. He has quickly become the face and voice of the millennials for TV shopping channels. He spends the majority of his time looking for the latest trend setting solutions to everyday problems that he can bring to the consumer, and prides himself with making sure the customer experience is the number one priority.

What A Great Idea - The Next Million Dollar Product

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