Speaker 1: Hi everybody I’m Bob.

Speaker 2: I’m Chad.

Speaker 1: And here we are in Chicago at the housewares show. This is where it all happens right?

Speaker 2: Everything. Now people always ask us, how do you find those great problem solving solutions?

Speaker 1: This is it.

Speaker 2: We’re here. So we travel the world, but we’re lucky enough to have a big international house for show here in Chicago, Illinois and so we traveled here.

Speaker 1: And as you can see it is just one booth after another, just talking about showcasing so many different products. But you know what maybe you can’t be here, what do we look for when we look for a product? We look forward to being demonstrable.

Speaker 2: Innovative.

Speaker 1: Right, solving a problem that the mass audience can understand.

Speaker 2: Universal problem, that’s going to change your everyday life.

Speaker 1: Exactly, so that’s what we’re looking for. So if you’re not here at the houseware show, you can still submit your product to BobandChad.com.

Speaker 2: And if you are here, please reach out to us to come visit your booth we’ve stopped by 15 inventors booth so far, you can email Chad@BobandChad.com or you can email Bob@BodandChad.com, so look forward to seeing you soon.

Speaker 1: That’s right, see you the next time.