Bob : Hi everybody.

Chad : Hi.

Bob : We’re having a feedback, hi there, welcome to the webinar, good to have you with us, I’m Bob.

Chad : I’m Chad hello.

Bob : First of all we want to thank all of you for the exceptional response to the email that we sent out for product submissions.

Chad : We’re getting through that.

Bob : Right, but we’re going to give everybody an extra couple of minutes yes join us here, because we have people joining us from all over the country. We’d like to hear from you and so right in now where do they write on this?

Chad : Down here, it says type your message if you do that, Mathew can you hear us now, I see it says no sound on this side; I don’t know everybody can see the chatroom, but…

Bob : Yes, if you can hear us write in that you can’t hear us.

Chad : Marcus says I can hear you, great.

Bob : But tell us also where you’re watching from, what part of the country and while we’re waiting everybody to join us here in a couple of minutes.

Chad : Louisiana, Canada, California, Ohio.

Bob : Matthew, well we have Brittany.

Chad : Ohio, I like that, I was born and raised in Indiana.

Bob : I was from Ohio, where in Ohio, does it say?

Chad : Dayton Ohio.

Bob : We have somebody from Columbus Ohio; I used to live in Reynoldsburg Ohio I’m sure you know where that is.

Chad : Orange County, California.

Bob : Calling in from St. Pete, Quan leave the house just come on over, just come on over Quan you’re right down the road. So we’ve got the people from Orange County, California Matthew is there.

Chad : Brittany is from Louisiana.

Bob : Oh Louisiana I love Louisiana.

Chad : Quan will be there in 10, great Quan come on over we have coffee.

Bob : And let me tell you Chad make strong coffee, I don’t like strong coffee.

Chad : It’s very strong, I was on the Keurig kick like everybody else just the single pots right and I watch this sort of video about the inside of them.

Bob : What about the inside?

Chad : I don’t know, there was dirty on the inside and I like Keurig, whatever I put in the cabinet I bought one of those grinding brews, pour the beans on the top and it grinds it, it takes about 18 hours for a pot to brew if you want it brewed, it’s so strong.

Bob : So Chad’s getting ready for Christmas today, so he’s made coffee tonight for Christmas. Anyhow, we have more people joining us, oh thank you we have more people from all over the country. All right terrific, we’re going to get rolling because we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule and joining us here on this webinar, this webinar is about one thing and that’s you, that’s what this webinar is all about. We want to answer your questions, give you the information that you need in order to take what you have, your product to the next level.
So we want you to start thinking now about questions that you’re going to want to ask and then in a little bit here we will open it up for those questions, but we thought before that maybe you don’t know us, maybe we should tell you a little bit about us who we are, you want me to go first?

Chad : Go ahead, since you are the first why don’t go ahead and tell them.

Bob : I mean 41 years ago I had the very good fortune to be there at the beginning of what has become a whole new industry, it was a whole new way of doing something that never existed before and I was very blessed to become a part of that and contribute to that and it was called Home Shopping, and the entire home shopping industry actually didn’t start on TV it started on radio, a very small radio station in Clearwater Florida. And one day an advertiser could not pay the bill and instead of trying to give us cash for the advertising bill they gave us merchandise, so I went on the air and we sold 112 electric can openers.

Chad : What year was that?

Bob : That was 1977, so this was avocado green, ugly electric can openers but we sold 112 of them on the radio.

Chad : On the radio where nobody could see the product.

Bob : Nope, and I described the can opener on the radio and I said if you’d like to have one call us up, reserve one, come on down to the studio and pay for it and it’s yours and 112 people came.

Chad : And the phone lines lit up.

Bob: Yes, in fact I didn’t know what those lights were because nobody ever called me before on the shows so I had no idea. But yes we saw that was August 28th 1977 and the owner of the radio station, a gentleman by the name of Bud Taxon was a great marketing mind, and Bud said wait a minute this is a whole new way of doing something. So we stopped the show every day thereafter at about 2:00 o’clock and we did a product spotlight, and he would go out and find products and we would sell them on the radio and then go back to regular programming. Well it became so popular and so many people wanted about products and certificates and services and things of that nature and that’s what we started to do all the time, so we did that for five years until 1982 and that’s how the entire home shopping industry started and then we went on local TV cable.

Chad: What was that called?

Bob: On radio it was called the International Suncoast bargainers club.

Chad: My favorite part of the story is that right there, the international.

Bob: On a windy day the signal went around the block, okay.

Chad: It’s really international.

Bob: Oh yes that was international, but that’s what it was on radio for five days. And then they wired the county that we were in for cable back in 1982 and we thought wow if folks could see what we’re talking about it could be better. So we leased a channel and it was the home shopping channel, it was channel 52.

Chad: Making more sense.

Bob: Exactly, and so then we started to sell merchandise via television, that was 1982 and then we said wow this is going so well if it works locally in Clearwater Florida, it’s got to work nationwide. And so July 1st 1985 we came on the galaxy satellite and we offered at the beginning of home shopping.

Chad: And the entire country could see it.

Bob: The entire country could see it and that was the beginning of the entire home shopping industry, and now today which we’re going to talk about during this webinar, today home shopping is all over the world. I mean you name a country and I guarantee chances are they have a TV shopping channel.

Chad: Okay, we started this because you were talking about yourself, so what this means is that on July 1st 1985 even before that, you were the first ever host.

Bob: I was the first host yes, I had no idea what I was doing.

Chad: Ever, so on the radio in 1977 he was the first person to sell a product, I’ll brag about you for a second, even when it was local television you were the first person to be on there and then even in 1985 when it went nationwide, you were the first.

Bob: Yes, I came on and I said in 1985 this is the home shopping club it was called at that time, call us up and we’ll give you a serpentine neck chain absolutely free and we’ll send it to you at no shipping, it’s free.

Chad: Giving it away.

Bob: It was exciting no one called, not one person called and the end of that first day I think we did total sales of 352 dollars, total sales.

Chad: Is that a lot of money?

Bob: No, not really. So that was 1985 and then you’ve all heard of QVC they come on in 1986 and then in the late 80s there were 28 other companies trying to do the same thing, but it kind of filtered away and there just a few TV shopping channels in the United States three or four.

Chad: So there’s QVC, HSN, E-buy live, there was a jewelry channel, there’s a shop LC, there’s like auction type channels there’s a lot.

Bob: And then again you go overseas all over the world, you name a country it’s there. The whole point of this is that it’s such a viable, powerful, proven way to get your product out there and that’s what we’re going to talk about here today, but we want to hear more about who is Chad Analyst.

Chad: Oh we’re still on us.

Bob: Yes, we haven’t heard your story yet.

Chad: My story is not nearly as long; I was in radio in the Indianapolis area right out of college.

Bob: Did you sell anything on radio?

Chad: You know what we did sell like we had like certificates; we would sell advertising like an exchange basically.

Bob: Likea barter.

Chad: Like a barter, we give them advertising they give us gift certificates and then we would sell those gift certificates for about half price, like Groupon yes. So thank you for inventing that I guess, probably I’m the reason they do it, it is the reason they do it. So after that I wanted to get out of radio and about six years ago I came down to Florida and I came to the TV shopping world, and I was working for several different bigger people and in the industry and got to learn the industry, started my own company, repping and bringing in national brands. I’ve had Conair and Glen Tech and a big infomercial company called Incent, I mean big Sonos at one time, large companies representing their products helping them get on to TV shopping, not hosting anything at that time.

Bob: Okay he’s very modest, right now today as we speak he has over 65 products on the air.

Chad: That is true, it is shopping seasons that we love so a lot of big companies have trusted me to not only hosting now, but when I first started to help them navigate and maneuver the internal system of TV shopping because it’s really difficult to maneuver inside and some of you know that because we’ve looked at some of your profiles and things we know some of you know about TV shopping. It’s hard to navigate inside, even it’s even more difficult to get air time and then even more difficult to sell something, so once you get through those couple of steps.
So anyway me college, radio, now into TV shopping over the last five or six years I stopped counting at about three hundred and fifty million dollars in retail sales I added it up because we had to refresh our BIOS, and so then I met Bob and when did we meet maybe three or four years ago. Quickly after I came to TV shopping for obvious reasons you have to meet the Godfather of TV shopping, and then I helped him with this water filtration business and now we have our own show together.

Bob: We developed a show called what a great idea with Bob and Chad and it’s on up in Canada and other outlets around the country, so the bottom line is that we’re looking for product, this is real it’s not a scam, it’s nothing like that we’re looking for products because we have a lot of airtime and we need product.

Chad: We need to fill the air time, so some of the networks have given us all of our 2019 air time already, not expecting us to know the product we’re going to do in December of 2019, but first quarter we’ve planned that second, third, fourth quarter all still open, so we’re always on the hunt for the next hot new great item to fill our time.

Bob: And also a point I want to interject here, that maybe you don’t have an actual product or maybe you have a product but it’s not right for this medium, because there are other ways to get your product out there, but you might run into somebody who has a product and maybe they want to get into a TV shopping channel but they don’t have any contacts well now you do because you know us. So we do a referral fee and all that kind of good stuff, so it’s a win-win and we just wanted to give you a little bit information about us because a lot of people email, a lot of people are out there asking for this and that and we’re the real deal.

Chad: And we sent out the email about the product search and I mean an overwhelming amount of people submitted their product, so we actually have been going through them about every other; we weren’t really planning it in our calendar so we actually set aside a day next week Tuesday. Our team has gone through they made spreadsheets, that categorize every product, made the one sheets for us so that we can review and so next week if you’re one of those people who have submitted a product, we are really hoping to get through all of them next week so we can get answers back to people.

Bob: Right, and then that’s one often asked question okay what is the process, I’ve submitted my product now, now what happens and it’s what Chad was just talking about, we have an internal meeting, we take all of the information that you have sent us with your submission then we have an internal meeting and we go through what we call a yay or nay. And we either say yay or nay and once again if it’s a nay that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, it just means maybe it doesn’t fit into this particular way of merchandising it or selling it. So if it’s a nay you’ll hear from us and we’ll tell why, our thoughts, if it’s a yay then our team will be reaching out to you wanting to know more specific details like available inventory, when can you ship, pricing, costing.

Chad: Yes, maybe you got a hundred units right now but for TV shopping sometimes we need tens of thousands of pieces, so how long will it take you to manufacture that. Liam thank you for helping us, Sanje I’m glad you got the sound working, Marcus thanks for tuning in we did send out an email a couple of weeks ago with a link on submitting your product, but it’s very easy if you go to there’s a whole page on our website it says submit your product, it’s huge at the top it says submit your product.
You fill out a couple of questions on that and that generates an email to us and our team with all the information you fill out and those submissions, what we’ve been going through but we’re going to go through in a nice way next week. So it’s of course a lot of our products are on there, a selection on that we sell, however there is a page that is submit your product and that’s what the crucial key is right now because we’re planning our 2019 shows.

Bob: Okay, so we wanted to start once again as we said at the outset this is not about us this is about you and your product, so we want to make sure we answer your questions that you have so you have the information that you need to know to take what you have to the next level, while we’re getting all of those questions so start typing in your questions right now. But well one of the most often asked questions that I always get is what do we look for, what types of products make it in this particular medium, this particular way of selling. And there are a few things when you’re looking at your product first of all it has to be demonstrable…

Chad: Yes, because we’re on television.

Bob: Right and many of us forget that what we’re dealing with is a visual medium which it is TV, and one of the great benefits of selling your product via TV is that you’re able to make the story come alive; you’re able to show things that obviously you can’t do if it’s just sitting on a shelf somewhere. So it has to be demonstrable, it has to solve a universal problem, that’s a biggie.

Chad: Because everyone’s watching, so we assume everyone, we’re hoping everyone is watching, everyone in every household is watching. A good example is a pet item, we get a lot of pet items and pet items sell very well this is not against the pet item, but if you want and we sell a pet item we know we’re cutting the population by a certain percentage because we’re really only talking to the percentage of people who have cats. If I was selling something that was for only babies who were boys, I’m really cutting down the demographic of people who can buy it because now I need people who have babies, and now I need people who have babies who are boys, so you got to look at there’s your universal problem.

Bob: Right and what’s behind that reasoning the Chad just talked about is that the most valuable commodity on a TV shopping channel is time, and so you don’t try to sell out of something that you tried to sell the most amount in the least amount of time, because time obviously you can’t get it back so you have to maximize the time. So again it may be a product that is a good product but maybe it’s not going to have that universal appeal, so it would have some challenges within the TV shopping business. But what we look for so it’s demonstrable, that it solves a problem, easy to use, simple easy to explain, it has that mass appeal. Now if your product doesn’t have mass appeal that doesn’t mean it’s bad but it’s a niche type product, so what you got to find out is what is your particular niche and then you’re able to fill that niche, but in TV shopping you want to appeal to the masses like Chad was talking about a moment ago.

Chad: So question, are we located in the United States or Canada?

Bob: You mean show-wise?

Chad: Show-wise many countries, yes we do go on here and we live in the United States, we live in Florida not together, different houses.

Bob: But we’re Chad’s tonight.

Chad: I live in Tampa.

Bob: He decorated the Christmas tree before we came on.

Chad: There are no decorations on that tree, that tree is something from HSN actually, I bought on clearance last year and I saved it till this Christmas so it’s a heck of a deal and it has like 2,000 little LED lights on it, it was perfect.

Bob: How much was it?

Chad: 119 bucks.

Bob: Not a bad deal.

Chad: And I think it’s like a 7 foot tree, it’s great.

Bob: So question.

Chad: Okay, so to answer your question the country really doesn’t matter logistically, we can get product to wherever we’re doing the show and ship it to the customers from there.

Bob: But there may be package requirements depending on that country.

Chad: So we air in Canada, the products that we air in Canada even though they may be the same as the United States, we have to just redo the instruction so that there’s French with the labels and the warnings and things like that because Quebec is a French-speaking place. Some countries have requirements like that, it’s not a shopping channel rule it’s government.

Bob: So this would qualify for any country that we’re talking about?

Chad: Yes, so if we go to like a South Korea or a Japan shopping channel, you got to have other languages.

Bob: What is next?

Chad: We air all over the world; I’m Chad, so Matthew you’re talking to me.

Bob: I’m Bob.

Chad: Angela is on our team, American Dreams last year.

Bob: Okay, American Dreams is a great program that HSN has and they have presently put it on hold.

Chad: Well HSN was purchased by QET, so they’re just working through some internal stuff. You know when some big companies merge there’s some internal…

Bob: She’s waiting for a response, increase in the cost.

Chad: It’s Mathew.

Bob: Oh Matthew, we’ll know in a few weeks okay we will follow up on that Matthew, I’ll make a note Matthew and we’ll follow up on that and we will get back to you on that.

Chad: Yes and Angela’s email and my email are through the same Matthew, if you want to shoot us an email, yes Matthew was stuck in the internal costing system with HSN.

Bob: Costing is real tricky.

Chad: I bet it was happening during the merger, we had a good amount of inventors and entrepreneurs who were stuck in that you were just write that right step and nothing really happened, we know that and they went through the merger but they’re through it now. You take a percentage of each product sold, so what happens is we’re the vendor to all the networks, so we have the agreement as the vendor we’re not asking to fill out that kind of paperwork and go through that logistical nightmare.

Bob: We wanted to make this as clean, as easy as possible for everybody, so we’re the vendor.

Chad: So we work on a margin really, so we’re going to buy it from you directly, you’re working directly with us and then the shopping channels are dealing with us. So you’re not paying us as hosts, you’re not doing any of that.

Bob: There’s no charge for this, you don’t pay anything until you get a PO from us and then like you said we buy the product from you. So you get a PO from us and then we mark it up a dollar whatever to cover some of our costs.

Chad: But we have this habit of eating.

Bob: Yes, it gets in the way every day.

Chad: So no we don’t work for free.

Bob: And then we deal with the network, so it makes it very clean so you get your money, you get paid and you don’t have to work.

Chad: But there’s never a charge in the interim, like we just mark the product a dollar.

Bob: There are people out there that say well I can get you in here and get you in there for X amount of dollars.

Chad: They pay us five thousand dollars to start talking details, $25,000 a month we’re not like that.

Bob: I always tell people well how do I know that I’m talking to somebody that’s legitimate, I always say in the TV shopping business find out what products they have on the air today, not what they had two years ago or five years ago but what products do they have on today and where do they have them and that will tell you how legitimate they are.

Chad: Matthew yes I remember that, yes we should talk Matthew; you can email us our emails are still the same, so you send us a one-off email. Leanne I think we answered that, what determines if your product is a good fit or not, Brittney we’ll circle back on the good product not in a minute. No you’re not counted out for a pet product; I knew I shouldn’t have said that when I said that, it just is a good example.

Bob: Pet product sell very well.

Chad: Yes, it’s just a good example of how you cut the audience, I did not mean to, you know what, this is why they put me on live television because obviously I know what I’m doing.

Bob: Yes, pet products do very well.

Chad: Yes, they sell I was talking earlier about how it just cuts the audience to only those with pets.

Bob: Now I’m looking at one our golf products of interest now that’s interesting, because the demographic really is not skewed towards a lot of sporting type products in the past. We would have to look at the specifics of the product that you’re talking about in order to give you more information, but there are challenges and we’re going to be honest with you okay. Well we’re going to tell you things you might not want to hear, but you’re going to get the truth.

Chad: Well we have all the free work we can handle, so we don’t want to waste our time or your time.

Bob: So we’ll tell you the way it is. So sporting type products have had some challenges, but seasonally speaking they could work but once we know more about what you have we can give you a better rates.

Chad: Grill items are great seasonal, although some people may disagree grill item are seasonal they are on TV shopping, we’re only doing that when the majority of the country, whatever country that maybe, has a season where it isn’t snow, like now we’re not going to air a grill item.

Bob: Tough to grill in Canada.

Chad: Tough to grill in Toronto right now, maybe not I don’t know.

Bob: Last week it was tough to grill in Florida, are you kidding I mean it was freezing for us down here.

Chad: So right now you’d be selling shovels and things like that.

Bob: But grills are a very good product category, I was selected from American dream.

Chad: Lisa okay, Lisa write down what the item is just out of curiosity, we probably know what it is.

Bob: I intended American Dreams Academy, I know I went to one in Cincinnati, I don’t know if that’s the one you’re talking about.

Chad: And then we held one here in Tampa, we went to that one. Brett which one did you attend and what happened there, did you get anything out of that?

Bob: Can I present my product and be on the shoe myself? No you don’t have to be on the show.

Chad: No, we’ll do it.

Bob: We’ll do it for you; you don’t have to incur the expense of traveling and all of that we’ll do that for you.

Chad: Would love to going to be open to you, we would love to send one with, the hardest part of our job so I’ll call it jobs even though they’re not jobs but the it’s the best job in the world, is finding those products that we are we feel happy to go on air with and sell for you. And all of our inventors, how many inventors do you think we’ve been on air for, hundreds?

Bob: Yes, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, I mean do you how many products I’ve sold over 41 years?

Chad: No, how many?

Bob: I don’t know, I thought you knew over 75,000 separate product presentations.

Chad: When you were in my office this morning, I think I told you I added up just in the last six months no not six months, till December how many separate product presentations. Some of the same product, like this cup is 10 times, 367 separate product presentations in December in state 30.

Bob: Wow, that’s a great business.

Chad: Talk about sleep.

Bob: Okay, where were we on the questions.

Chad: Sorry, everyone is typing so fast. Feel free to send that more than once Marcus if you want to, it’s really simple for those of you just joining there’s may your product page, we have a lot of people on the team, don’t filter out any duplicates Marcus no worries there. Do we need to travel to bring the products? No Quan, although very easy for you to meet up with us to discuss your presentation that you’d like us to do.
We do take feedback, we should address that when you have a product we need more than just, some people think oh here’s a thousand pieces, we need to interact with you each and every one of you to come up with the perfect presentation. What props do you use, how do you sell it when you’re out there doing a trade show or when you have a booth.

Bob: Yes, you know your product better than we do.

Chad: No, so you’ll have to educate us, although it’s a formula to selling obviously, we can figure out how to sell your product but you’re our best resource, so we do want to meet with you and talk to you and interact with you after we do a deal.

Bob: Oh Brad what about the TV screen? You know we looked at that this afternoon, you sent us a video fascinating product and we want to talk to you more about that.

Chad: Yes, because the speakers are like a waterfall.

Bob: It sounds…

Chad: It sound like a waterfall, just because we were just hanging out here having a cup of coffee, we watched your video and then I walked over to my TV back here and my speakers are on the bottom of my TV.

Bob: Well Brett said they were, where did you think they were going to be.

Chad: That TV spread I wanted to check.

Bob: They’re on the bottom.

Chad: They are in the bottom.

Bob: So what Brett was saying was all the sound is going down.

Chad: And Brett invented an item.

Bob: That sends the sound to you.

Chad: Yes, we want to talk more about that Brett.

Bob: Okay, who’s next?

Chad: Lisa was in the inaugural class which was held in Cincinnati? No was it here?

Bob: No, the inaugural class I think was here in Tampa.

Chad: What city did you go to Lisa, let’s know.

Bob: I think it was at the University.

Chad: Deraa had a great idea.

Bob: We love Deraa.

Chad: We love Deraa, Deraa is doing a lot of things now, reach out to us we’ll let what she’s doing; she’s not TV shopping right now.

Bob: How about household products? Oh yes we have the only hanging household products that’s a major category, the problem solution. Oh in Washington I was there the day before they did the symposium and then they did the Academy and I wasn’t able to stay at the Academy.

Chad: Deraa was interested in my product, but I’m trying injection mold, okay yes let us know, we wish we should get through all the people who don’t have finished product yet too. Leanne we’ve seen your product, look like you are on E-vine right now I looked at your website and everything.

Bob: And you were on QVC at one time?

Chad: Yes previously.

Bob: Is that the one we saw?

Chad: Yes.

Bob: Great product.

Chad: Leanne and I would love to know how we it did on QVC and how we are doing on E-vine. For those of you who may already be on TV shopping because there are a lot of you right now or have been on TV shopping in the past, you’re probably joining us because you understand how difficult it is to secure airtime and get through the system; they’re probably beating you up on costs. Humbly we don’t have that issue, Bob Founder who as a pioneer of the industry and we just don’t really have that sort of push back like some people do, because there’s power in numbers, we have the amount of products that we have on the TV and they give us our airtime and we put in the products into our airtime, with their approval of course, the network has to buy from us first.
So if there’s not somebody that’s directly competing with us usually it’s just fine, passwords fast and great products. I write through the reviews, I went to the webpage, I’ve already seen everything about your product, did you send us a link we don’t mess around we do go through, we promise you that. We are actively; I’m up till 3 o’clock in the morning looking for great product to put in our show.

Bob: This is what we do, it’s what we do we don’t do anything else.

Chad: Yes, so you should talk about passwords that I did, I want to know how it’s currently doing, how we can assist you because you’ve already been on that, maybe you mean to help securing airtime which we can help with.

Bob: We’re trying to read the questions here, I don’t know the name you’re referring to Matthew I don’t know I’m sorry, I don’t know the gentleman.

Chad: Oh do we compete with other people in the industry? You know what not really, it’s funny we had a holiday lunch today with about what 30 or 40 other colleagues in the industry and there was a time in that lunch where we laughed out loud, like who sits with each other at lunch, like are we competitors and the answer is well we’re not. Everyone stays in their lane, everyone’s doing their thing and if it’s not for us we passed it to somebody who has a show who is for, like honest-to-goodness we’re probably not going to sell cameos. We’re not going to sell a woman’s blouse, it’s not going to fit into our show so we pass it to maybe a female host or somebody who can do that better than we can, so it’s a very open industry, okay.

Bob: Which month would you sells grill products so I can have stock available if selected? What we’re talking what?

Chad: Spring or Summer time.

Bob: Yes summer time without questions.

Chad: So we want to know timeline of how long does it take you to manufacture and what is your product if you haven’t submitted yet you’ll have to submit it. Okay Deraa is the best, yes we love Dara, oh she’s in case he thinks sold out each time, yes great product Lee and super easy those $20 price points are the key. Oh the sprats program, yes they discontinued that they’ve gone through several phases with it.

Bob: It was a great program. Let’s see here David you apply online, you have multiple items to present, should I make an application? You mean when you’re submitting, when you’re submitting the products I would make each product its own submission, that way we can look at them individually if that answers.

Chad: You don’t have to do like color variances.

Bob: Yes, I think if you’re talking about three separate products, then three separate submissions would be better for us to look at, but if you’re talking about a coffee cup that comes in white, black, red, green you don’t have to do those separately, strong coffee.

Chad: So good sorry Bob, Bob loves the flavored coffee like the hazelnut or the French vanilla coffee, do you like French vanilla? You like the hazelnut right. Yes, we will give you air dates for your price, you’ll know way ahead of time no we plan out months and months in advance, right now we’re working on our April shows and things like that, so our January, February, March they’re done, but April, May June on so once we secured the product we have the inventory things like that, we slot it in a certain day and time slot and you’ll know as early as we do because we’ll tell you and we’ll want you to watch and so put on social media and do the whole thing.
Yes Lucy you should submit what you initially submitted to HSN, let us know what it is too we probably are familiar with your product, because Bob and I filtered through all of HSN’s for the last three years. Well since 2015 Bob and I we have been the ones that have been sorting the HSN submissions. The category which it falls under like a scarf, does that matter a fashionable face scarf that protects you, okay the category doesn’t quite matter, the product matter so we’re looking at the product, we’re not going to try to put you into a specific category, so that’s un-important right this minute.

Bob: And that’s one of the advantages of the show format that we’ve created and what a great idea, is that so many different types of products will fit into the one show and it’s almost like if you think of an old-time variety show where you have a singer, a dancer, a comedian well we have all different types of products as guests in our shows so to speak, so it gives a different flavor to what is normally done.

Chad: Yes, other countries, every country really, we sell to other countries. We don’t travel to like Japan or South Korea or Germany now but we can sell to them. Australia, I mean the Australian flight is way too long and honestly the calendar is too small.

Bob: But we have entry?

Chad: Yes, we can sell there no problem, it’s just not going to be us on the air selling it and probably need there for you know, it gets expensive we hire local people I mean a flight it’s like 13 grand, so you don’t need to take on that expense. Brett currently has some inventory, so we can address that so like ours are planned to a certain dollar amount and then we have to pick the products for that hour and then we have to dedicate minutes per the product. So a 1995 item it may get 12 minutes, a computer for 599 dollars may get 35 minutes, we have to hit an hourly goal per the network.
So a big American network can be upwards of a million dollars for the hour, a Canadian Network because well I think there’s only like 35 million people in the country they may only worth a couple hundred thousand dollars for the hour, so the quantity that you put there Brett that would work in Canada, probably isn’t going to work at HSN at QVC right now, it’s just not enough.

Bob: But there are some instances where they like to test, we can see a product and say well you’re not quite sure but we’d like to test it, maybe you have 500-800 pieces or whatever the case is, to put it on for just a few minutes to test.

Chad: One time, we’ll do like five or six minutes.

Bob: Like we had one product that they just wanted to test and now we have sold almost a hundred thousand of them already.

Chad: Yes and like the first show was like six minutes and like 500 pieces, but that was all they had so we took them and we agreed to it.

Bob: There’s no stock answer for that as far as PO.

Chad: Quanwants to know if there’s a minimum, there’s no minimum it’s how we build the shows. For initial client, Matthew it’s what’s product is ready it could be one SKU where I’ve launched things whether we start with 12 SKUs and that’s all fine. Are we still sorting the HSN American Dreams? So when you go to the HSN American Dreams portal right now, that web page probably some of you have been on it is not accepting submissions right now, it’s on hold at the moment.

Bob: But if you’ve had communication with us in the past then we’re still…

Chad: Do you need to resubmit Lynette? Yes, please resubmit it so it’s fresh in our minds. We were involved with American Dreams since 2015 it’s on hold now, but we have 10,000 submissions a year, unless you were in our recent history there probably haven’t forgot about you but we need to be reminded, so please remind us you’re not going to bother us, this is the world we live in. Oh great yes you can produce a lot, okay no problem Brett we should talk.
Product can be wherever you want Quan, you could have it in the United States, Canada, you can have it in Mexico, China doesn’t matter logistics are not our specialty but we have a team of logistics people who get the product where it needs to be, that’s not something that we have to discuss right this moment.

Bob: Keep in mind the TV shopping industry right now generates worldwide almost twenty billion dollars annually, twenty billion dollars.

Chad: Well a lot of people doing on a daily basis, HSN I know publicly say 10 million dollars a day which is I mean 10 million a day.

Bob: So this is a big industry, it’s a proven like I said proven and powerful way to get your product out there and that’s what we’re all about.

Chad: Yes, so where are we?

Bob: Any other question?

Chad: Thank you for submitting Marcus, let’s see in some months. Marcus I got it its right here, they go to my phone, and we do go through them that are no joke. Okay, so we went over our backgrounds, somebody said we’d get back to there, oh what makes a good product I totally will circle back we’ll do it real quick.

Bob: Oh yes, has to be demonstrable, you’ve got to be able to demonstrate it. A simple example of a demonstration would be a dirty floor and a clean floor and you put the solution or the product on the dirty floor and it turns clean, that’s a very simplistic but it’s a demo, it’s a visual demonstrability of it. So can you demonstrate what you have, also what problem are you solving it is a universally accepted problem, if you have to go into great detail about the problem that you’re solving you have a problem, okay because I mean you can’t really go into great detail everybody has to get it like that, once again we’re talking about time.
You want to make sure it has mass appeal that it’s not a niche oriented product because you’re dealing with the masses in something like this, easy to use, easy to explain also that it fits within one’s daily routine. I always like to share that with people because if you ask somebody to use your product and they have to go way outside their comfort zone, you’re going to have some challenges in getting them to try your product but if they can see how it fits into their daily journey, makes sense.

Chad: We don’t mean they have to use it daily, but does it make their life better, it’s easy for them to use.

Bob: But we can tell you what we think.

Chad: So we’ve been on here about 40 minutes, we’re going to try to do this for the next five minutes, we’re going to like wrap it up, and we don’t want to bore everybody.

Bob: This is a five-minute bell.

Chad: I could see a lot more of you have tuned in last few minutes, so that’s why we’re sort of recapping. Does it cost to be on the show? No, it does not cost to be on the show. We do not charge you anything this webinar is free, the next webinar is free, our boot camps are free, I mean we’re going to work into some things here. Our newsletter, so for those of you who don’t know who we are and are not signed up for our newsletter yet please do so.

Bob: How do they do that Chad?


Bob: What was it?

Chad:, you can scroll to the bottom of any of our pages and it will say sign up for our newsletter. When you sign up just put your email in and we’re good we send out monthly newsletters, you’ll keep up to date with us. What are we doing and we’ll actually put on there hey we need product guys and share I mean tell your friends, tell your family, I know a lot of entrepreneurs they know other entrepreneurs and usually you guys are in groups and I was going to say support groups, it’s not a support group. You guys are in like entrepreneurial type groups I’m in some even on Facebook groups feel free to post about us, we need product and we have the distribution to do so.

Bob: Yes, Brett that’s right.

Chad: Three hundred million, that’s correct plus holes around the world.

Bob: We’re just making sure we’re covering all the questions here that you’re asking, we said that from the beginning we want to make sure this webinar is all about you and getting the answers that you’re after. You have to know that this is possible, that this can work, we’d have a ladies product on the air tonight.

Chad: Because it’s a ladies product we are not selling ourselves as hosts.

Bob: We have somebody else doing it.

Chad: We have a female doing it, Rochelle.

Bob: So far we’ve sold what 50,000-40,000.

Chad: I think more than that, we have a woman named Rochelle so you should tune in to HSN it’s between nine and ten or nine and eleven.

Bob: What did Angela say nine, eleven?

Chad: I don’t know. So we have a product called mine Maggie’s, it’s a fashion accessory magazine it’ll be on HSN you can tune in, that’s a good example of a product that is through us where we’ve vendor it through the network but it’s not for us to sell, but we still made it happen, we still make it happen we still sold a lot. Yes lighting products we love, oh yes Jamie I want to see that, yes please so we don’t charge for the show we’re buying the product directly from you, we market up a little bit and we vendor it to the network. There’s nothing hidden I mean we don’t work for free we like to eat, I have to pay for the Christmas tree lights to be on.

Bob: He has to buy more coffee.

Chad: I got about the strong coffee that Bob doesn’t like; you should have a diet coke or something.

Bob: Wish you could smell this.

Chad: It’s delicious, that’s how we stay up and work. So we market up a little bit, nothing to really affect the retail, we don’t need to market up a lot to make our money because we sell a lot of units, so it’s like we’re working on a percentage sure. But no, we’re not going to send you an invoice for $5,000 a month because you’re participating in our show, no not like that.

Bob: Now besides the TV shopping we’re also starting a show on social media, okay so maybe your product isn’t right for a TV shopping channel at this moment or maybe we feel like it’s got to be tested a little more, we’re going to be doing a show much like what we’re doing now but picking one item and talking about it and getting feedback from people and it could be your item. So by all means submit if you haven’t already and tell your friends and have them some to the products, because I mean again this is real. I hope that there’s one takeaway that you have from this webinar is that you realize this is real, this can happen and this is the way to go.

Chad: Well these no wrinkles are not real, this is manufactured how smooth my skin is right here.

Bob: Yes sure.

Chad: Just kidding. Okay, sorry we don’t want to keep everybody all night, we know it’s late, it’s 7:45 on the East Coast, a lot of you are just writing some questions and the women’s product on tonight which is a good example, the reason we brought it up is not to sell you a product, it’s a good example of something that we’ve done through us but we’ve hired a woman spokesperson. We’ve paid for her to go on to HSN tonight it’s called My Maggie’s it’s a fashion magnet, today is Thursday it’ll be on the list with Colleen Lopez on HSN, so you have to check your local listing which channel HSN is the Home Shopping Network. And when Colleen comes on the list it’s somewhere in her show, it’s called my Maggie’s it’s a fashion accessory magnet.

Bob: As a matter of fact the safety pin that I’m sure we’ve all used at one time or another, the actual safety pin got its patent in the year 1849. Ever since 1849 there’s only been one other fabric fastening type product to ever receive a patent and it’s the my Maggie’s product that Chad’s talking about.

Chad: So we’re sort of proud of that product, you can watch our show you can watch us when we’re on one of the networks, you can see some of our clips on YouTube things like that.

Bob: You can go to the shopping channel in Canada, its TSC.

Chad: TSC made us a nice, they actually did way out of their way they made us a nice landing page, and they are so sweet.

Bob: Yes, they’re very nice.

Chad: But you go to up in Canada it’s not dot-com.

Chad: And you can search what a great idea.

Bob: type in what a great idea and you’ll see some of our shows.

Chad: In their search bar and any product, you can click into products that we sell and you click the video and that shows you a presentation we’ve done, I’ve also had people search YouTube.

Bob: You can go on HSN and you can put in my products and you can see videos.

Chad: David to answer your question, if it does not fit when you give us a reason why a hundred percent, yes well we have a date set up next week a Tuesday I believe I can look at the calendar, our entire staff is getting together on Wednesday, we’re going to go through each product, we’ll be giving out the notes on yes or no to products if it’s that easy yes and then the team will be sending out responses, it’ll actually probably look like it’s my email address but it may be signed by somebody else just because…

Bob: Chris might be sending it out, but keep in mind as I’ve said a couple of times already if it doesn’t work for TV shopping that does not mean it’s a bad product, it’s just this way of selling might not be the most effective way to do it. So we can suggest other ways for you if you would like to get your product out there.

Chad: Matthew to answer your question, we’re going on air if a person messes up on air regarding their product, how does it mean for the future of a product? Bob doesn’t have a tendency of messing up on the air.

Bob: Oh we mess up all the time.

Chad: Planned mistakes no, we’re just genuine; we’re just honest as you can tell.

Bob: This is how we do the show.

Chad: So no it’s not damaging to the product, but if the product doesn’t sell well in the first couple of airings we have to have a conversation together is the pricing wrong or is the product not a good fit for TV shopping, I have no problem we’ve had plenty of products that didn’t sell over the years and we just move on, sometimes it’s just not right.

Bob: Somebody gave me a product one time years ago and it was, it was an AM/FM radio this was back in the 80s okay back in the eighties AM/FM radio telephone, toilet paper dispenser that was the actual product.

Chad: You want to tell them again what that was?

Bob: AM/FM radio, telephone, toilet paper dispenser.

Chad: You’re sitting on the toilet?

Bob: I mean this was before cell phones okay.

Chad: Your toilet paper dispenser, I just make sure they understand, is a radio this is before I was alive, a phone and it also dispenses your toilet paper.

Bob: So I thought to myself who the heck’s going to buy this, we went out ans sold like 5,000 of them in less than 10 minutes, because back then before cellphones how many times would the phone ring at the wrong time so to speak and you’d miss a call, now you would never do that. But anyhow what was my point?

Chad: I don’t know, somebody asked me to check my phone I don’t have anything from you I have Marcus’s, I have a missed call from my mother, my mom calls me nightly I love her.

Bob: Is she watching?

Chad: No, she wouldn’t be on there. I don’t see, if you’re asking me to check my phone because you just submitted, Lisa it is not popular to me yet make sure you had submit, it also could just be a delay. Okay you guys showcase, yes we showcase the product it’s our show, so the networks give us all of our hours like TSC for example, I think you’re from Canada.
The shopping channel has given us all of our hours for 2019, you’re going to be on this day you have seven hours, your have eight hours blank whatever, you need to fill them with product and that’s what we’re doing. Like that’s what we spend our daily lives on its finding great product to fill those hours. So we host it, we’re the co-host of the show; we have to put product in that’s what we do.

Bob: So you don’t have to incur the expense of flying somewhere and all of that stuff, we do that.

Chad: Oh yes you don’t have to go there at all; we want to talk to you before. Once we have a deal we buy the product.

Bob: They’re telling us we only have a couple more minutes.

Chad: You have an earpiece in?

Bob: Yes.

Chad: Bob already has his ear piece.

Bob: I was born with an earpiece.

Chad: Yes, is there a deadline for submitting products? Of course not, no please submit any time that you can, the earlier the better. I mean our portal is always, we call it a portal, is always open but with our meeting being next Wednesday try to submit by at least Sunday night or Monday because our team’s putting together the big sheet and if we find enough great products, we have open air time right now that’s all that’s it, there’s never a charge it’s always free it’s not like a special word free now, no it’s always free.

Bob: Question what the difference between American dreams is and what a great idea show? American Dreams was as a program that HSN started and it’s presently on hold because they’re developing other things with it, and it’s a way to get on the air that way, what a great idea is another way to get on the air.

Chad: Or you can do both, we really ramped up with a great idea when they put we’ve been doing it for years, but what we’ve really ramped it up recently just because American Dreams was our Avenue, it’s not really an avenue right now and we get calls that the office have been crazy.

Bob: Yes, so we wanted to come up with a way to get these products out there.

Chad: Yes, I’m glad you guys like this, we’re going to do this more often, we don’t do it enough we know that just because of time restraints and thank you all and we know it’s late at that for dinner time or maybe it is dinner time. We really did this because of the amount of emails we got back from our products that we all the questions.

Bob: Instead of trying to send emails back and explain we just thought let’s get together and let’s answer all the questions.

Chad: Yes, so please sign up for our newsletter we’ll do those as early and often as we can, we won’t be repetitive we’ll try to cope with new stuff although we will recap for some of those who just joined. So is our website at the bottom of any one of the pages it says sign up for our newsletter, please do that we have a Facebook, we have a Twitter and whatever else Alberto has done for us, we have a Twitter and Facebook you can like our pages.

Bob: And be on the lookout for the show that we’re going to do, what a great idea on the internet.

Chad: Yes, it’s about to be 2019, a lot of our colleagues have been telling us guys you got a good on the internet more, so we’re going to push towards Facebook live, Instagram TV which I didn’t know about till yesterday. We’re going to do more webinars, we’re going to drive and then what we’ll do if you have a product, we’ll put the product on our website for the cart to purchase and you’ll see some there now and then we’ll drive everybody to our website and that’s where the sales will come in, so you don’t need to build a website, we have the infrastructure already there, it processes credit cards, PayPal we don’t take cash on a website.

Bob: The bottom line is we want you as partners and we want you to make money and we make money we want to sell product, that’s what we want to do. So we appreciate you all taking time to tune in here tonight, if you liked it…

Chad: Lisa I got it, she anxious.

Bob: She wants coffee?

Chad: No, if she wants coffee she can come over but I’ll only be up for another, I mean its 8 o’clock it’s way past my bed time.

Bob: Alright thanks everybody, once again we appreciate very much you all taking the time to join us, we hope that we’ve helped you bringing you a little more clarity on what we’re doing and we’ll be back in touch soon. But go to that website; sign up for the newsletter because that way you’ll be able to keep tabs on what’s coming up next.

Chad: And you can email us there too, you can email our info site yes and we’ll get those, they come to our phones. Alright, thanks everybody have a good night.

Bob: Thanks, good night.