Speaker 1: Hi everybody I’m Bob.

Speaker 2: I’m Chad.

Speaker 1: And we are on our way to Chicago.

Speaker 2: The housewares show, the International Holman housewares show it’s in Chicago every single year. It’s a big trade show where everyone really has a booth where they show their products to people.

Speaker 1: Now if you happen to be at the housewares show, we want to see you. All you have to do is email us at Bob@BobandChad.com or Chad@BobandChad.com whew that’s a lot, but just email us and we will be happy to meet up with you. But if you’re not going to the housewares show…

Speaker 2: Then you should submit your product to our website BobandChad.com there is a product submission page, but if you are there send us an email with your booth number, and we’ll stop by.

Speaker 1: Yep, we look forward to being with you the next time.