Speaker 1:           Hey everybody Bob and Chad here, we’re on our way to Canada for the next edition of the what a great idea TV shows on TLC the shopping channel there. We’re excited, right Chad?


Speaker 2:           Really excited.


Speaker 1:           So we’re the airport, are we? No, we’re in Chad’s house and he has a plane in the driveway.


Speaker 2:           Well if you ask some people that is my plane.


Speaker 1:           Exactly. But here we are traveling having a good time as usual, and we’ll keep you posted throughout the entire visit of what’s happening. But speaking of traveling Sunday today busy day, any tips?


Speaker 2:           Check your luggage.


Speaker 1:           Okay, let me write that down.


Speaker 1:           Well just because we’re on a layover right now in Atlanta in the United States, and you know checking the bigger suitcases and just carrying your purse or your briefcase around makes getting through the airports that much easier. No strains on your shoulders or your back, it makes for easy travel days.


Speaker 1:           And allow yourself plenty of time obviously.


Speaker 2:           Yes.


Speaker 1:                           So we’ll post you throughout the entire visit and stay tuned.