Speaker 1:           Hi everybody, here we are at the studios of TSC here in Canada.


Speaker 2:           This is the day, we’re here.


Speaker 1:           We made it.


Speaker 2:           10 p.m. Eastern Time, tune into the shopping channel today is shopping choice, but you can go to TSC.ca or if you’re in Canada you can watch on your TV’s.


Speaker 1:           Exactly, we start as Chad said 10:00 p.m. tonight and we’re on all day tomorrow, so we look forward to it. You know one of the most often asked questions we get is, what kind of a product works on TV shopping and number one first of all it needs to be visual obviously, it needs to be demonstrable you need to be able to demonstrate.


Speaker 2:           That’s right. So if you have a product that’s demonstrable, it solves a problem we would love to see it www.BobandChad.com and you can submit your product right there.


Speaker 1:                           And also be sure and like the page as well, okay and we’ll be having updates throughout the entire visit, so stay tuned.