Speaker 1:           Hi everybody I’m Bob.


Speaker 2:           I’m Chad.


Speaker 1:           Yes, guess what we are back, last time we were talking we were in Canada.


Speaker 2:           I’m in a t-shirt now.


Speaker 1:           But it’s still cold in Canada and the northern part of the country. But we had a great visit on TSC, we want to thank all the ones that watched and everything, we appreciate them very much. We’re about ready to go into a product submission and we do this every week, we sit down we go through the products that are submitted through the website and we find out what we want to do with them, where they belong.


Speaker 2:           What website is that? BobandChad.com


Speaker 1:           What is it?


Speaker 2:           BobandChad.com there is a whole submit your product page that you can write just fill out the questions on the thing and then we’ll review it in this meeting.


Speaker 1:           Right and then it’ll come through and then we’ll look at it and we’ll give you our comments and we’ll go from there. Oh also by the way maybe you don’t have a product, maybe you have an idea and you don’t know what to do next, let us know because we can help you with that too.


Speaker 2:           Yes, absolutely. In the notes you can get in touch further for a service or whatever your ideas are.


Speaker 1:           Right, because all great products start with a great idea.


Speaker 2:           So follow our Facebook page, our Instagram, our Twitter, our LinkedIn share this post, please share this post and be sure to check out BobandChad.com.


Speaker 1:                           And we’ll look forward to being with you the next time.