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  • “Life’s a Pitch: Understanding the Secrets to Selling from Television’s Billion Dollar Man” Book by Bob Circosta
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    Life's a Pitch: Understanding the Secrets to Selling from Television's Billion Dollar Man Book by Bob Circosta Bob Circosta is a true entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of television, business and marketing. He was there at the beginning and is one of the individuals who helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry. Bob shares the entrepreneurial story of how the industry started. The thought process that created, the creative breakthroughs that were developed and the powerful marketing strategies that can be applied to any product, service, business or idea to give you an edge in today's highly competitive business world.
  • What a Great Idea with Bob and Chad Video Package
    Video segment shot in a high-definition television studio with multi-cameras and full production crew. With combined video sales of over $6 BILLION, your segment will be hosted by “TV’s BILLION DOLLAR MAN” Bob Circosta and “The Millennial Entrepreneur” Chad Allen.
  • What a Great Idea with Bob and Chad VIP Membership
    Take Bob & Chad home! Twice a month, Bob and Chad make themselves available to you for educational purposes via webinar. The first of the two webinars will be focused on a specific topic/subject matter with Q&A at the end. (this occasionally includes guest speakers who can add greater value to the subject matter) The second of the two webinars will be an “ask Bob and Chad” session where you’ll be able to ask ANY question you’d like. The rate is guaranteed for LIFE

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