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Lights, Camera, Action!

For almost 100 years people have been captivated by what they’ve seen on television, which makes it one of the best mediums in the world to sell world-changing products! Television is the perfect conduit to connect with people in a meaningful and memorable way. Unfortunately, many people freeze up when the cameras start rolling!

It's Time to Make Miliions

Being on television is enough to rattle the nerves of even the most confident people, so we’re here to help! We offer one-on-one personal training aimed at teaching you how to make a powerful connection with your audience, make an impactful presentation, and get those sales rolling in.

Our clients make $100 million in sales every year and enjoy success beyond their wildest dreams, simply by following our coaching. We know that you only have a few minutes to connect with the audience. They need to immediately recognize you as a likable authority in the field; someone they can trust. It is a universal fact that people buy from those that they like!

Presentation and Personality

The presentation is key! You can have the best product in the world, but if your presentation is disjointed, confusing or unappealing, your audience will not connect with you. It’s so important to set expectations with your television audience, so make sure that the beginning of your presentation lets the audience know what they are in for. A little organization can really go a long way in grabbing that audience interest and making your product shine.

Speaking of shining, don’t be afraid to show off a little personality! A big part of connecting with that camera is not looking or sounding like a robot. Hitting the sweet spot between being professional and making a personal connection is a skill that most people take years or even decades to master. Fortunately, with our personal training and immediate feedback, you can take a short-cut to success!

Can You Afford to Gamble Away Your Potential?

If failure is not an option, join Bob & Chad’s other clients who sell over $100
Million in products on-air —- EVERY YEAR!

Don't Wait, Act Now

We have seen it all. We know what makes a product succeed, and sadly, we know what makes a product fail. We have seen hopeful entrepreneurs stumble and lose their key audience simply because they don’t know the ropes. Heck, we have stumbled in our careers too. If you’re serious about presenting your great idea on television and want to give it the chance for optimal success, get in touch with us today!

Check Out Some of Our Products!

  • “Life’s a Pitch: Understanding the Secrets to Selling from Television’s Billion Dollar Man” Book by Bob Circosta
    $29.95 $14.95
    Life's a Pitch: Understanding the Secrets to Selling from Television's Billion Dollar Man Book by Bob Circosta Bob Circosta is a true entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of television, business and marketing. He was there at the beginning and is one of the individuals who helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry. Bob shares the entrepreneurial story of how the industry started. The thought process that created, the creative breakthroughs that were developed and the powerful marketing strategies that can be applied to any product, service, business or idea to give you an edge in today's highly competitive business world.
  • What a Great Idea with Bob and Chad Video Package
    Video segment shot in a high-definition television studio with multi-cameras and full production crew. With combined video sales of over $6 BILLION, your segment will be hosted by “TV’s BILLION DOLLAR MAN” Bob Circosta and “The Millennial Entrepreneur” Chad Allen.
  • What a Great Idea with Bob and Chad VIP Membership
    Take Bob & Chad home! Twice a month, Bob and Chad make themselves available to you for educational purposes via webinar. The first of the two webinars will be focused on a specific topic/subject matter with Q&A at the end. (this occasionally includes guest speakers who can add greater value to the subject matter) The second of the two webinars will be an “ask Bob and Chad” session where you’ll be able to ask ANY question you’d like. The rate is guaranteed for LIFE

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