What a Great Idea with Bob and Chad is a show dedicated to providing you innovative products designed to solve everyday problems and make all our lives easier. Bob and Chad have combined their more than 50 years in the TV shopping industry to be able to recognize trendsetting products that will enhance our lives. They know where to go. They know where to look. WAGI is a one-stop destination program with incredible solutions!

What is a great idea? It’s an idea that brings a wave of change and re-evaluates how we currently think about something or go about doing it. But what really distinguishes just an idea from a good idea, and then a great idea? Great ideas are hard to come by. Ideas are not. And good ideas are somewhat the middle between these two. The difference between a good idea and a great idea is just the execution or implementation. When a good idea is proposed, looks promising and will potentially bring change – it must also be executable and actually work in the real world. These are the kind of ideas that Bob Circosta and Chad Allen are looking for. Bob and Chad are on-air personalities on Canada’s TSC (Today’s Shopping Choice™) who sell inventive products. Their channel in Canada is similar to HSN. The purpose of WhatAGreatIdeaOnTV.com is to be able to share these products to a larger audience and help both consumers and inventors to connect and build lasting relationships.

With several decades of experience in providing inventive products to clients – Bob And Chad embark on their quest to look for future-altering, trend setting products, and then making these products accessible to the masses.

Who are Bob And Chad?

Bob Circosta

Bob Circosta is an American television host and businessman.

Being one of the most successful salesman in the world, he is known for having received more than a billion dollars through live television personal product sales. He began his career in the 1970’s. When he started advertising can openers on his talk show – they were all collectively sold out in an hour. His immense potential in sales was then recognized by Paxson, who first launched a home shopping cable station and subsequently founded Home Shopping Network (HSN). Bob happened to be their first home shopping host ever, and also became the most identifiable and prolific salesmen in the world over time. Bob continues to make appearances on HSH as well as hosting What a Great Idea! alongside.

Chad Allen

The Millennial Entrepreneur™

Chad Allen™ had a small upbringing in Indiana and has quickly become The Millennial Entrepreneur™ who has managed to sell more than $350 million in merchandise with TV shopping channels around the world in the last five years. He has quickly become the face and voice of the millennials for TV shopping! His most recent purchase of the Castro Convertibles® company has expanded his portfolio to include a heritage brand that has been in business since 1931. Truly a millennial who understands quality products!


What is What A Great Idea! All About?

The process is simple. Bob and Chad scour the landscape for eye catching inventions and new products to debut through their show. These products have to be innovative, accessible and make people’s lives easier through their usage. With a skilled eye for such products and a knack for identifying the great from the mediocre – Bob as well Chad will evaluate ideas pitched by the participants and then decide if they’re worth being launched nationwide.

What a Great Idea! is a nationally syndicated television program. Each infomercial is 30 minutes long and involves Bob demonstrating the various attributes and features of the new product as well as promoting each inventor. The idea is to showcase trendsetting and cutting edge products that have been put forth by relatively unknown inventors. These products often lack distribution on a mainstream scale, and hence depend upon What A Great Idea to advertise the market their creation and uses. The best of these products end up being launched nationwide. Bob And Chad offer a call-in number that interested people can use to order the products that are showcased. These products can comprise anything from health products, educational items for children, beverage coolers, fitness DVDs and many other everyday products – but with a twist of inventiveness.

But with all this emphasis on finding ideal products and making them accessible to the masses – there must be a channel for these products to be sold to anyone looking for them. This is what WhatAGreatIdeaOnTV.com is all about! With an e-commerce site that focuses on maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction, WhatAGreatIdeaOnTV.com is the perfect channel to making innovative products available to anyone who’s looking to buy. WhatAGreatIdeaOnTV.com can hence be seen as a promotional vehicle to capture the imagination of the home shopping channels and then making the vision more accessible for anyone watching.

Why You Should Use WhatAGreatIdeaOnTv.com

If you’re interested in using products that revolutionize the way you go about your daily chores, if you’re willing to look at your daily household items from a whole new perspective – WhatAGreatIdeaOnTV.com will provide you with not just the idea products but also make it affordable and convenient for you to get your hands on these trendsetting items. What are you waiting for! Scroll through WhatAGreatIdeaOnTV.com and find the product best suited to your needs!